Interview Practice (

If you are currently searching for a job or planning to start the process soon (or just want to practice some more algorithm questions), I highly recommend checking out It allows you to pair with others at similar level as you and practice solving algorithm questions while walking the other person through your thought process. So far I have done 6 practice interviews and already I can definitely see myself improving. It is also a great way to force yourself to set time aside to study algorithms every week, check it out if you want!

disclaimer/additional info: If you use my link, I will get an additional interview credit. Sharing the site is the only way to get more interview credits so by signing up (if you think you would actually use the site), you’re helping me out as well!


It’s anything like code katas?

I guess the concept is somewhat similar just because they both focus on algorithms but the cool thing about pramp is you literally are paired with another real human to do a practice interview. Takes a little getting used to but I think it will help me be more comfortable in real interviews!

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Seems cool. I’ll give it a try