Interview Question Resources (React)

Hi! I’m wondering if there are favorite resources that you might have regarding how to practice take-home challenges, or even live challenges.

an example I had once for a take-home was to build the game blackjack. (they gave me a week for that and never replied, but I’m glad b/c later their valuation dropped and didn’t do so well).

Anyone know of a place (site/github) where people list these things that I can practice? Or maybe you have had one before that you really enjoyed?

Hi @dannycodes!

FCC has a lot of take home projects in their Interview prep section.

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For live challenges, the single best advice is to do a small project with a set time frame while recording yourself.

It’s also a lot about good communication. So the first step is to clarify the requirements, if the project needs testing etc. Then you go step by step and explain why you do this and that.

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