Interview tomorrow for web dev position. Nervous

I have been studying web development diligently for over two years now on my own. I have a interview tmrw, where I will request a junior level position.

I have a few small portfolio items like a budget calculator I made with JS, a quiz app I made with JS, another javascript quiz I made on Google docs (I posted it on here before), a php blog (incomplete), a node blog (incomplete). I have a larger project I made that I am still working on that is incomplete. It is like a forum web app I made with php. Only some of these projects are posted on github.

My github: hjb1694

I am nervous. I don’t know what the interview will entail. What should I expect?

I noticed he did not ask for my github or anything.

They use PHP and Laravel. I am not good at Laravel and have only dealt with the basics. Procedural and some OOP PHP I am good at.

If it’s not too late, I would send an email and ask your interviewer about what you can expect from tomorrow’s interview.

Brush your skills on PHP and Laravel definitely!