Interview which doesn't mean

Hii, I am Vipul Aggarwal, as a starter learner I came to learn and look for job with campus placement at looking for an opportunity. I get there but there are lacks of people who already come more than 500 people. All the famous medium companies came like quicker, aviva and agis. So, while I go for interview I thought of manage candidate and went to placement head and task to assign as a coordinater. I handled candidate of two companies and worked whole day, at the end I get chance to give my interview for small company as a developer until and unless I have only having knowledge of basis of technology
and don’t know any further. As per pervious interview without campus I selected at the cost which I ask but when I went they ask everything and I told it. But when they ask for salary. The company doesn’t disclosure the salary they offer. Or if I told what I deserve and also fulfill every expensive. They said you are not eligible, you are not a person to deserve this position, the person asking why should I give you this much salary? I told that I have skills related to what you need! They said you don’t deserve it and we are gonna pay you! Then I ask again what would you offer and they told nothing. When I ask about company info? They are asking back question again! Why do you ask why you want to know? They are not at all clamming. What we need to do?

what i would say to the interviewer if in the same situation:

“listen hear, mr interviewer. i have the skills to do the job. you say i don’t deserve it. but try me. put me to work and i will prove to you, i DO deserve it. in fact, for the first x-amount-of-time, you don’t even have to pay me.”

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They want you to work for free? They won’t even tell you about their company? Maybe negotiations work differently in India, but I’m pretty sure this is a scam.