Into the unknown

I’ve been interested in software development for a long time, but never followed through. I started a lot of lessons or books, but never got to the point where I made anything with what I knew, and let busyness from life and work get in the way.

Now after 8 years in an IT role, I’m unemployed and wanting to go all in learning and trying to make it a new career. I have been so introverted and focused on my own immediate family that I’ve realized after all this time, I really don’t have any social connections. I keep seeing that I need to fix that; for motivation, for networking, for help. It honestly feels pretty overwhelming even just seeing it that way. But that’s what I’m hoping to do, make a first step into the unknown.

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Welcome to your new journey! What are you working on currently ?

I’m going through Javascript algorithms and data structures right now. Definitely struggling through the algorithms parts.


Algorithms and data structures are arguably the hardest parts of learning programming, but they are the core concepts that really matter. Don’t be surprised if your struggling since its not easy. I recommend looking into external resources (wikipedia is a great place to start to learn your data-structures) and straight up looking up the answers will help.

Obviously if you look up the answer I recommend reading thru how it works, why it works, and re-try again from scratch (without the answer). The main goal isn’t doing the challenge, its the journey to find the solution, that’s where the real learning occurs :smile:

Now FCC has a pretty big and nice community, there are other ones out there (like reddit) that you might find to socialize and get a little networking done. I’m not sure of your physical situation, like where you live, but trying to find meetups, or job fairs is probably the most critical in finding a job down the road. If anything, it will at least give you a chance to go out and talk to some new people, and learn a few things here and there.

Goodluck :smiley:

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