Introducing my website to showcase my desktop application

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you my Unit Conversion app that I’ve developed using (pyqt6). It’s packed with features including converting between different measurement units. With a comprehensive list of units covering length, volume, temperature, speed, frequency, currency (via API) and much more.

Also the app contain cultural insights, it provides engaging historical information about measurement systems and various known units in a specific tab (Culture tab).

The app also supports two display languages, English and French. To know more about it visit my website unitconv pythonanywhere com that i made using Flask, to download the app (completely free).

The reason for this post is that as a beginner, it took some time and hard work to get it done. And I wanted to further refine my development skills (specifically in web and desktop). Additionally, I’m excited to invite users to test the app and provide feedback for the overall benefit of the users community.

It would be much appreciated if you would test it. Thank you all.