Introducing Who I Am

Hi all! My name is Juan and I’m 27 years old with a Sociology Degree. Frankly it’s time for a career change since I’m so tired of the field already. My whole life I’ve been interested in computers but never really knew what to do with this excitement that I have. I’ve been trying to find my path in the tech field and Front End Dev is where I landed. Even though I’m super new to this I’m doing this for my family as my plan is to work from home either as a freelancer or with a company. I would love to just travel while working with my son and my partner. I know I can do this and I’ve never been so excited before.


Hey Juan, congrats on deciding to make a career change as a Front End Dev! I’m sure that’ll be a huge motivator with your wife and son behind you. Good luck on your path!

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Thank you so much! I look forward to it and I look forward to being part of the community.

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