Introduction and project feedback

I didn’t see an introduction section, so I thought I would put it here. Please skip to the end if this gets boring.

My name is Kevin Quinn. I have an Electrical Engineering degree and have been working as a Test Engineer in the semiconductor for alot of years. The last ten years, I lost interest in chip making and at the same time I’ve become more and more interested in software development. As a Test Engineer, I developed some code but this was a small portion of my job and I really didn’t care for the electrical aspects of my job.

I knew I wanted to change careers and I tried to develop code late at night and early in the morning before work. Late last June, with the permission from my wife, I resigned from my position, and made a home office out of a spare bedroom. Since then, I’ve been coding 10-12 hours a day, This has been the funnest seven months of my life.

At first, I wasn’t sure what software area to pursue. In my previous positions, I had some experience in C++, C#, Perl, TCL/TK. I’ve always been interested in the web and I learned a little HTML/CSS and then looked into JavaScript. As soon as I pulled data from an API I became hooked. I now could get any information I wanted. I also became really intrigued with Asynchronous programming. After learning JS, I decided to learn Node.JS and MongoDB and then React. I’ve even been taking a big interest in HTML/CSS and I’ve learned some Bootstrap.

Right now, though I’m in my next phase and I’m looking for any way to make money. I’m willing to freelance, work on projects, contracts or get a fulltime role. I made a first pass of my resume, updated my LinkedIn profile and I’m going to start putting my code on Github. Also, I purchased a domain and I’m going to start my portfolio. In my portfolio, I’m just mostly going to link my projects.

This is a link to my latest project. U Broadcast It
It’s a live Sports Tracking web app that I developed. Once I hide my keys, and figure out Github, I’ll put the code on it. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Feel free to create an account. I put in some fake games so if you want to do a search, just put in a large number for the miles. Also, I’m wondering if I should continue working on this, or if I should develop another app. I appreciate any feedback.

Finally, if there is anything I can do to help anybody please let me know. I have alot of contacts in the semi industry.

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to getting to know people here.