Introduction to basic HTML and HTML5 challenge still says not passed

I had already done html challenges in the older version of FCC. After the new curriculum i did all the new html challenges and now they appear as passed and the older ones already said passed.But the very first challenge which is titled as Introduction to basic HTML and HTML5 which is just a introductory page still says “Not Passed” even after i have been through it. Is it some bug, is there someone else who is facing the same problem … Or am i doing something wrong…???


None of the “introduction to” challenges can be passed at the moment it appears. Although this really is just an aesthetic thing, it’s not going to stop you progressing

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I have the same problem.

I understand that it doesn’t matter if it’s passed or not, but it really bugs me that i don’t have all the checks there :^)

It has to do with spaces. I noticed on the old version of FCC a extra space, like putting your code on line two, would error it. Or if you had a space before it on that line too.

Hi, I am facing the same bug or I don’t know what is. But I ensure you that it won’t affect your progress. Continue your journey from where you stopped before de new FCC Curriculum.

Note that u may not see your previous code answers.

Hope this help!

The point isn’t that we can’t continue, but rather that once a section is completed, we want to see that it is done. For those of us working toward the full certifications, there are a lot of sections and I want to see what’s left to do without having to drill into sections just to check.

I’m sure this is an oversight and they’ll get it fixed, or Quincy will let us in to some special way of thinking as to why they busted a nice feature of the old version.

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