Introduction to the Responsive Web Design Projects

Does the tick when submitting projects mean the code entered for the projects is correct or does it just accept any code you put in?

@joolban There are a few ‘ticks’ I can think of that you’re referring to. Can you be more specific? If you’re looking at the curriculum and you see a green check mark, that means the challenge was completed successfully.

I’m working my way down the curriculum and have gotten to the Responsive web design projects. i submitted the build a tribute page but I wasn’t sure that it was correct. It ticked and accepted but I’m still not sure it was actually correct.

@joolban Ah, OK. It doesn’t run the tests when a link is submitted.

Did you fork the provided CodePen and run the tests?

Or you can add the following just before the ending </body> tag of your HTML:

<script src=""></source>

Sorry, I totally missed that link. I hope can resubmit.

@joolban, you should be able to resubmit as needed. :smile: