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I need help understanding why my alphabetical sort is not implemented correctly.

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function updateInventory(arr1, arr2) {
let newInv = {};
let shipment = arr2;
let result =[];
// populate inventory with arr1 kv pairs
for(let item of arr1){
    newInv[item[1]] = item[0]
//update or add items to inventory
for(let item of shipment){
        newInv[item[1]]+= item[0]
        newInv[item[1]] = item[0]

//re arrange from k v to  v k pairs
for(let item of Object.entries(newInv)){
//This will not sort alphabetically

//niether will this
// result.sort((a,b)=>a[1][0] - b[1][0])

// this works to sort by quantity ascending
// result.sort((a,b)=>a[0]-b[0])


return result;

updateInventory([[0, "Bowling Ball"], [0, "Dirty Sock"], [0, "Hair Pin"], [0, "Microphone"]], [[1, "Hair Pin"], [1, "Half-Eaten Apple"], [1, "Bowling Ball"], [1, "Toothpaste"]])

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Challenge: Inventory Update

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All the sorting comparisons you’re showing are sorting by performing math, but when dealing with strings, the result won’t really work. You might try something expressly made for comparing strings: DevDocs

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Thank you. I was able to solve by changing:




this also works

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The only real issue with using

result.sort((a,b) => a[1]>b[1])

Is that if a[1]==="foo" and b[1]==="Foo", *they are not the same thing. Using localeCompare(), they are.

OK. Thanks again. I will keep that in mind. I definitely need to brush up on string comparisons and decimal math a lot more. Have a tendency to treat everything like an integer and hope someone else already figured out what I was trying to do behind the scenes :grinning:

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