Invitation to pair coding

Sooo…I’m not too sure if this post will be banned or something, as I’ve tried a couple of times with similar topics, but anyways, there we go again.

tl;dr Do you want to pair-code?

I’ve the feeling that one good reason why some people take 1-4 yrs to get good at web develepment is they/we don’t do pair coding. And that’s my situation too.

So I’m inviting anyone, from any race, language or beliefs etc. to do some simple projects/coding together. If there are many people interested we could set up irc/telegram/matrix or any kind of space to discuss ideas. But that’s a second stage. So far I’ve only invited by message example @selectiveduplicate

Now it’s important that in pair coding the experience in coding for each individual isn’t very different. My skillset is the following:

  • HTML, SASS, js, and some react
  • Normally I use a basic gulpfile for the workflow
  • And then the command line plus some basic bash

Of course for collaborating there are not many other ways rather than git + some host (github, gitlab, etc). I know there is arcanist or something similar as a version control but I have little experience with those.

So if you feel close to those tools either up or down, just send me a message or write a reply here.

Alright gang I’m packing up…

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My skillset is very similar to yours, except I don’t know Gulp and I’ve just started React. I’m comfortable with HTML, CSS , JS and Git; but need more practice with Sass.

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My skillset includes the following:
JavaScript, HTML, CSS and a little of react too.
I would love to be part of this as I really want to be a better programmer

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@selectiveduplicate @zuby that would be amazing! We can discuss some ideas, and then anyone can create some github repo to start from there. I believe we can communicate through private messaging here so that’d be fine for discussing ideas?