- Invitation to participate - Regression & QA testers needed!

As the Student List open source project grows, we’re starting to need some help in quality assurance and regression testing. We are seeking 2-3 testers. The testers will regularly check (every other day) application features to be sure that updates and changes aren’t breaking existing functionality on the application and to verify that new features work as foreseen. This is a great way for individuals who are new to development to learn about the process of development and get something to put on your resume. It also is a starter opportunity to get more involved in this project down the line. Please read through the project documentation including the wiki and readme, consider if you might be interested, and get in touch.


I am interested to work and also like to contribute as per my knowledge.
I live in Germany and working in a research institute as a programmer in their project.

Things most interested in working on: HTML, CSS, Angular, jQuery

My last month project in AngularJS-

Let me know your thoughts.

Best Regards
AM Rahman

I am also interested in becoming a tester on this project. I’m not very experienced with this process but I am willing to learn and devote time to contribute and move up the chain. I’m currently a computer science major in the United States.

I am also interested in becoming tester. I have degree in Computer Science and a Master degree in Mobile Computing.