IOS Scroll Issue

Hi all,
I am creating a horizontal scroll on my website. It is working fine on desktop, android phones, and IOS 13, 14. But it is not working fine in IOS 12.4 and its earlier versions. I cannot scroll completely from left to right all the way. Let’s suppose if I have 5 products in a row and horizontal scroll has applied to it. Then it will scroll to the 4th product I can’t reach on my 5th product. But it works fine on desktop and all other phones except IOS 12 and its earlier versions. Has anyone encountered this?

Hey there @MunibQazi!

No, I haven’t encountered this issue, but it could be a problem with the version of the WebKit engine from that year, have you googled the issue yet?

I’m an Android user so I really can’t test it, but I can tell you to google it because chances are others are encountering the same problem.

If you can, providing a code sample will enable others to help check the code and see if there’s any problems. Also, what frameworks, technologies, and languages are you using?

Hope this helped! :smile:

Look up compatibility tables for the CSS and/or JavaScript methods that you are using. This should tell you when support was added in different browsers.

I’m working for iframe with simple HTML and CSS in my Shopify store. There is no technology involved in this. It is not working fine in IOS 12 and earlier versions. But it is working perfect in everything else.

Hmmm, have you tried other web browsers? maybe there’s a setting enabled or an extension that’s conflicting with the shopify website, and besides there’s one more thing.

What exactly is the issue, is the website crashing, is it simply not working, or what else is happening?

This means that either the CSS or the JavaScript being used was not supported by the mobile Safari browser until after iOS 12. If you don’t have the ability to control the code in a Shopify site, then it’s possible that this may be something that you are stuck with.