Ip address problems

I am using input director, I don’t know why it is not able to query my other computer :-
It has a certain ipv4 address and hostname
And the default gateway is 192.168.y .x When I ping that default gateway it has no problem.
But when I ping the ipv4 address it says request timed out, when I ping it from another computer.
But if I ping the same computer’s ipv4 address it has no problem
And when I try to ping the hostname it says that the hostname doesn’t exist at all.(ON THE OTHER COMPUTER)

For example IN MY CASE (dg=192.168.300.2 and ipv4=192.168.300.20)
The main problems are the hostname not existing and the default gateway having no problem and the ipv4 address having problems when pinged from another computer.
And the same with the hostname, not able to ping with a different computer, but there is no problem when pinged in the same computer.

All firewall is turned off(IN BOTH COMPUTERS).

Any answers?Please…