Ip Man - Tribute page

I don`t sure if this is ok, pls give me a feedback.

It looks nice! Comments:

  • almost all the text is italic, which makes it harder to read — lower contrast and harder form
  • the grey-to-bg color contrast is a bit low
  • the last title is of a different color than the rest
  • the list of links can be made nicer by hiding the URLs

1,3,4- done.

I don`t get point 2. Should i use a softer grey to margin or a light brown for background?

It’s fine now, turning italic off did the trick. The last paragraph has different line spacing.

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Are you mean that line,

Edit: there was a little error - I mixed tags (h3) … (/h4)

Now is fixed, so css padding should be all that same on the whole page(I hope so)

Yes, that one. Compare it to the previous if you still don’t see the problem. Design is about consistency.

I changed padding h2 tags and added horizontal line on a place that red line, now it looks better, thanks.