iPhone scrolling issue

Hi, has anyone encountered problems with scrolling for the iPhone? It works fine on other devices but not the iPhones. I added overflow: auto; and -webkit-overflow-scroll: touch; but it splits the screen. Does anyone have any idea how to just keep it a smooth vertical scroll?

My code is here:


What kind of scroll issue?

Why do you have on your {max-width:400px} query

overflow: auto;
position: fixed;

It messes up the format on small screens. You have this horizontal and vertical scrollbars on your inner container.

Thanks for getting back to me!

When looking at the website on an iPhone, it will not scroll vertically to the form. On a Galaxy, it scrolls perfectly fine.

Earlier I was looking at possible solutions to this from CSS-Tricks and Stackoverflow. Some recommend:


and one site suggested the position: fixed; as well.

I’m not sure if bootstrap 4 is conflicting with iOS or if I need to add something else to make it scroll properly on the iPhone.

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Just found out why…

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