Is 31 years old a Disadvantage for getting a job

I’m just wondering if at 31 is hard to find a junior position as a web developer .

Not really. College students have access to resources that help connect them to recruiters, career fairs, etc, but just being in your 30s isn’t a problem.

A developer in their 30s.


I got my first job at 49 and just got a new better paying job at 51. It might be a slight disadvantage, but there are also places that will value your life experience and perspective.

And far and away, the biggest factor will be what you know and what you’ve done/built.


Thanks Kevin for sharing it.
A living proof will always motivate
I’ll keep my search up .

Thanks Ariel , it’s good to hear .
I’ll keep trying no matter what I’ll get it !
Many thanks

My personal advice, in addition to all the knowledge and skills that you specify in your resume. Another very necessary skill in a personal interview is to be able to sell yourself, sounds strange…but true!

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I graduated college when I was 31 and got my first dev job when I was 32.


Refer to this post pleas! Is 31 too old?

I’m 4 months from my 41st, and just started as a junior developer at vmware this past monday in their ascent program (it used to be a returnship).

I’m full time, but some people in this program are doing a paid apprenticeship through the Apprenti apprenticeship program, with the possibility of being hired after.

Other apprenticeship programs



None of those programs age discriminate against capable engineers. On the contrary, they might give you preference in an effort to improve their diversity. I’m sure there are more programs, I just haven’t looked more.


Hi. As someone who is going to be 49 in less than a month and is looking to move sideways in my career (I’ve done QA for more than 20 years), it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one. Once you have some projects built, how hard was it to show them to others to show what you could do? Any suggestions on what are good projects to build a portfolio with?

We’re in same boat. I was doing QA for 16 years and realized companies ( big, small, startup ) are getting rid of QA / SDET role altogether. It’s better to switch your career as developer

I suggest do bootcamp and start building your portfolio on github, there are tons of jobs for JS based tech stack.

Age is just number in mind

I dont think age matters… skill is more important