Is a degree in web and internet techologies worth the time?

Right now, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in web and internet technologies. I have not had any luck getting a job without the degree.

I am on disability and receive college for free with a combination of a massive tuition reduction (I am only paying $70 for tuition) and a pell grant.

If you’re enjoying the classes, learning a lot, and don’t have a pressing need to find work as a web developer soon, it would seem to be worth the time. 4 years seems like a long period of study to become a web developer, though. Technology changes so fast anymore, it’s likely that your instructors won’t have that much experience with many of the tools they’re teaching you how to use. It seems like the main benefit might be employers giving you a better first look for having a formal education in tech.

I agree with @willjw3 . And, if you are going to invest 4 years on a degree, maybe you should focus in something more meaningful, like Computer Science.

I am of the school of thought that bachelor degrees should be relatively broad, like ‘math’, ‘computer science’, ‘literature’, etc. But hey, if it’s cheap, you are learning, and it’s fun, go for it.

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