Is a remote first job realistic?

I was impressed when I read that no one has actually finished FCC because they tend to get jobs after their first non-profit project.

My situation is a bit more complicated though, being a US Citizen living in Asia. I need a remote job. I hear senior devs have the negotiating power and value for this, but I don’t know about junior devs.

Is it unrealistic for me to go for FSD certification with a goal for an immediate remote developer position? (If so, I can deal with that reality. I’ll probably focus on freelance work)


I wouldn’t count on being able to get a remote job off the bat. There’s a weird gotcha with remote work, where a lot of times they’re looking for potential employees to already have not only previous dev experience, but also previous remote dev experience, which just makes it a step harder to get the job. Freelance can be a good way to segue into that experience, though.

Not to say that you can’t try to get remote jobs, by all means go for it, but I think realistically it would be more difficult to land one without some prior experience to show.