Is adding Free code camp projects to a Portfolio a Bad idea?

Hey everyone,

So, I’ve finally started to build a portfolio I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and I’m finally starting. I got my Github account and I’m working on a few things. Would I be able to add what I’ve done in Free Code camp to my portfolio?

There seem to be two questions.

  1. Can you add them?

Sure, why not? But your portfolio should be updated as your projects improve. But for now, they might be the best you have.

  1. Is it a bad idea?

No, not if they are the best you have right now. But hopefully, in time you will have some better projects to add.


Sorry, yeah I probably could have worded that better. This is basically a separate question but can the free code camp projects be added to a GitHub portfolio?

I’m not really sure what you are asking.

Are you asking if it is allowed? If so, yes it is.


You can, but doing so probably doesn’t add any value.

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I mean it is better than nothing and if they want to create a portfolio site they have to add something. I think it is fine for a beginner to create a portfolio site with their beginner projects. As I said, hopefully, the projects will improve over time.

But yes, it’s not like it will get you a job or anything (unless your beginner projects are of exceptionally high quality).

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