Is an apostrophe s needed here?

What are the rules regarding the apostrophe, and is one used in this instance.

Which of this would be correct?

Two Happilys or Two Happily’s

word + word

Is an apostrophe needed there?

Happilys and Happily’s are both not words.

If you are just making some noun plural, you don’t need to use an apostrophe.

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The apostrophe denotes either a contraction:

“It is” → “it’s”
“That is” → “that’s”

Or possession:

“My family’s home” (the home is owned by my family)
“The cat’s claws” (the claws are owned by the cat)

It needs to be used on a noun, and “happily” is an adjective so what you’ve written makes no sense. You can’t have multiple “happily”, it’s not a physical thing.

If it was a type of thing called a “Happily”, then “two Happilys”. If it was a person called “Happily” then “Happily’s house”


I agree with both the answers, but should probably point out that this is a programming forum. There are other forums devoted to English usage, like this one.


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