Is Andrei Neagoie's course worth it?

Recently, Andrei Neagoie’s zero to mastery got a 2020 update and looked appealing to me. I do have Colt Steele’s Web development bootcamp, but i felt that it was outdated and the projects weren’t interesting? Do anyone have anything to say about Andrei’s course?


Hi @revenstar2, sorry for the late reply.
I have recently started to follow Andrei Neagoie’s corse on Udemy and I must say that so far it’s extremely good.
He explains the concepts in a wonderful way.
I also like the fact that he is also teaching how to use Stripe API and GraphQL, which both are something I have wanted to learn for a while.
Honestly, I think that the 13€ euros price is WAY worth it!


Before I can answer your questions, I am going to explain my structure of learning. I have bought three courses together (it was a great sale then):

  • Andrei Neagoie’s zero to mastery
  • Colt Steel’s Web development bootcamp
  • Angela Yu’s complete 2019 web development bootcamp

People will think I am crazy, but I was learning all three together at the same time as long it is on the same coding language, I haven’t finished it and about to get into JS (I had to stop as I have things going on, but I will be getting back into web learning soon).

Why I have done this is because each instructor has a different perspective, their own way of teaching, but the courses have strengths and weakness in their own way.

Like you have mentioned (and I agree), Colt Steele’s courses do have some outdated elements, and his projects feel basic in comparison to Angela Yu’s course where hers is beautiful and glossy with up-to-date topics. But, Colt Steele does have some useful information to explain, which Angela may not have included in her course.

Now, you have asked about Andrei’s course, and I can say yes, it is worth buying his course. I agree with what @simonebogni has said, which is that Andrei has explained the concepts really well. I also like how he did a small section on the career life of being a web developer, which is nice to get an idea, but I love how he has explained on how to land a job with no prior experience. His projects are not as stylish as Angela’s, but I would say they are better than Steele’s. However, that is my opinion on all the sections before Javascript.

However, I would still say it is worth to buy his course.

I hope this will help you. :slight_smile:


Course is good till javaScript. As he starts Advance JavaScript, he looses the grip. Missing information and too much of editing in the videos to fill the gaps. Rarely a why factor. React was beyond my comprehensions. I just could not handle. I honestly think there are better courses available. He is good in simple concepts. And also there are far too many things in this course and most are actually not covered properly. There is no point of learning ten incomplete things. better fully understand one or two.
Just my experience, No offense.


I am enjoying it, got it for about 12 pounds. It helps although I am glad I did the old Freecodecamp front developer course first.