Is anyone follow p1xt guide? Some question here

Hi, recently I come across his/her guide on get-job ready javascript edition… Does this guide suitable for people like me who only had learn html5, css3, and basic js?..

I skim throught the guide and realize that at later stage of Tier 1 it require include api but I had know nothing about api (how to implement etc…). Do i need to take a step back and focus on fcc rather than follow the guide?

I think that her guides suggest using FCC as well as other books and resources that she suggests. Those guides are for a longer and more in-depth curriculum than FCC.

Yes, those are pretty comprehensive guides. I agree with what Ariel says and would add:

Yes, APIs are important. As a frontend developer you need to know how to use APIs. You well get a lot of practice at this in the frontend modules at FCC. As to building APIs, you will learn how to do that in the backend modules. I found this very instructive - I didn’t really understand APIs until I built my own.

But take it one step at a time. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Does this guide suitable for people like me who only had learn html5, css3, and basic js?..

They are suitable for anyone. Are you ready to absorb everything in them? No, it appears not. That’s fine. You can still check in with them to get an idea of things you may want to learn about and where you may be headed. I might suggest focusing on the FCC path. When you get done with that, you should have a pretty solid foundation to dig into p1xt’s world. But by no means should you feel that you should only be working on FCC’s materials. Most of us are also looking at other tutorials and books and learning other things. FCC is a good framework, but is not comprehensive.

I’m using the beta site until es6 where lot of challenge i cant really understand ( something like .reduce ())… i skipped these and tried other resources like mdn, odin project and recently p1xt guide and feel really lost on these resources… have a strong feeling that keep switching resources really slow me down…

And YDNJS is really deep i can barely understand the 1st module (Up & Going)

As a teacher I very much disagree. I think you should learn from as many sources as possible. A reduce method is a reduce method, no matter who teaches it. And different teaching approaches might overlap in your brain until it gels.

I would recommend checking out some youtube vidoes. Some of them can be very visual and can really drive home some of the concepts. I might recommend this series to get a grasp on reduce and other prototype methods.

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