Is Arch linux worth putting on your resume?

I’ve been using ubuntu for a few months and i really like it, so I decided to build my own distro with arch linux.

I was curious that if i said that on my resume is it would look good or give me and edge on the competition

I wouldn’t unless I was contributing to the kernel or something. It may be worth mentioning familiarity with Linux on your resume, but I wouldn’t belabor the point.

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/\ This. Linux familiarity might be worth mentioning, but a specific distro of Linux isn’t a big deal to employers unless you are looking for a job working on/supporting that distro.

That said, I love Arch. It’s a good distro for learning things and its super flexible.

I’d list Linux experience, as it comes up as a “nice to have” for many jobs, but distro specific experiences are usually not important.

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