Is backend dev (using js) covered anywhere?

Hey, I was wondering if they cover backend dev (using jQuery, node js, react, etc) covered in their free courses with certification. If yes, which ones, I have been trying to find them. Thanks in advance!

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Yes, the APIs and Microservices section covers this. It doesn’t use jQuery and React because those are frontend techs. It does use Node, with express and mongo.

So, if i do that, will it enable me to do back-end like uh, professionally(?)

If you do that, it will give you the building blocks to learn how to build backends. You will build actual backends.

Does it “enable” you to do it professionally? That depends on what you mean. I don’t think that that is sufficient to get a job (it’s possible but unlikely), but it starts you on that path. The first 6 certificates give you the base of a solid MERN stack. That’s what I learned when I started. I then spent a year building projects and expanding my knowledge to get a job, but it was all rooted in that MERN stack that I learned from FCC. #ymmv

Oh, thank you. That was the answer I was looking for.
Thanks a ton once again!

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