Is Backend Development same for mobile and Web Apps?

I am really confused. Some websites state different backend frameworks for mobile and Web apps. Can anyone guide me to the best resource out there that would clearly explain this?

The mobile apps that I have used have always used the same backend. In a few cases there may be a different endpoint for mobile or pass in a flag because it will display less data (because of screen size) or whatever, but in general, yeah, they usually use the same backend.

I don’t know of a resource. But if your web app needs a paginated list of todos, then your mobile app is probably going to need the exact same thing.

“Front-end” usually means working on the code that gets sent to end user browsers (HTML/CSS/JS). This code usually communicates with a server somewhere.

Mobile developers usually work on a given platform (Apple/Android/Hybrid) that talk to a server somewhere.

External developers might be writing their own server and want to get data from an applications API directly, they just need to talk to a server somewhere within the main app.

What that server runs on doesn’t matter to much as long as it can communicate to the other parts of the codebase(s). So in a sense its “the same” if you need it to be the same. It might be possible the mobile version of the app has different requirements than a front-end web-app version, or they can be the same back-end to simplify things.

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