Is becoming Full stack developer inevitable?

I’m backend C# developer with 4 years experience in building distributed systems. I have no problems finding such jobs in my home country, but I had to leave it and look for jobs in US and EU.
Turns out C# isn’t really in demand, and when it’s C# it’s always full stack job. Much more often it’s NodeJS also full stack.
If I can’t stay just backend developer, is it likely to find a job as backend + DevOps rather than becoming Full stack developer?
It’s just a preference, I’m not thrilled about front end coding at all, I’d rather move to architect position, where DevOps seems much more appropriate.

I don’t know, I know devs that only do C#. There are people that only do backend. On linkedin, I see C# backend jobs.

I don’t know if there is a trend or not, but learning more makes you more hirable.

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It’s not inevitable. In my company there aren’t any full stack developers.

I know there are cloud companies looking for a combination of backend and devops knowledge.

This usually depends on locations your looking at. “much more often” is relative to the job market you’re looking in. In general there should always be a demand for C# in regards to being used within “.NET shops”, of which there are always going to be some due to the fact most companies use Windows.

That said, the web is everywhere so there will always be an abundance of “front-end jobs” relative to everything else in most situations.

Does that mean you have to become some full stack developer due to this global generic trend? Probably not, but that might not be the case with localized trends.

I’d refer back to the area you will be working in. If they are looking for this sort of role, then aim for it. If they aren’t looking for what you have, you either have to change what you’re looking for.

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