Is browser automation legal?

I’m working on a django site which is hosted on Python Anywhere
In Python Anywhere there’s a web tab(see the screenshot below :arrow_down:)…

So, basically we need to click on Run until 3 months from today to keep running the site every 3 months.
I thought of creating a python script to automate this process.
Currently I know Selenium , but I’ve some questions:

  1. Is it legal to surf the sites and automating the processes this way?
  2. Is selenium a good option in terms of time efficiency?
  3. Are there other good alternatives? If yes, what are they?

Please, answer above questions and provide suggestion if you have.
It would be helpful, if you share some blog or your experience for running the scheduled task on windows.

Depends on the website you are running automated scripts on.
Here are more details.

It’s not illegal. It may be against the terms of use for a particular service though, so check the user agreement.

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Thank you @gururajankappa and @ArielLeslie,
I asked the question on pythonanywhere forum and they showed me green :black_flag:

I’m glad I was able to help you!