Is code actually saved?

Hi there.
So, I started the Javascript Algorithms certification a month ago, and occasionally I would get stuck on an exercise, so I’d straight out copy paste a solution in, to keep going and not get too bogged down.

Sometimes I had just copy pasted a solution to check if it actually did work, then did my own, then resubmitted, made another one again, resubmitted. But I have no idea which of those gets saved in the end.

The idea was to come back later, to the ones I found harder, and do them with more experience.

But I don’t understand where my old solutions are saved? Are they actually saved somewhere?

I don’t understand how to review previous exercises to re-do them over, and make sure I get a clear certification adhering to the academic honesty policy.

I am really close to completion so I’d like to know what’s your advice on this.

Should I just start the certification from the top again? Is there somewhere with my old solutions to check them up?

EDIT: I’m just looking at the profile more in depth and I noticed there’s a “solution” area but only for five things. So is only the final chapter that is actually saved? Would love to not have to re-do 295 exercises because of 10 copied ones.

@Simon11 Welcome to the forum!

Free Code Camp does not save your solutions. The only thing saved is whether or not you passed the challenge. You are responsible for saving them offline if you want. After you pass a challenge, you are given the option to download the passing solution to a text file.

You can simply revisit a challenge. If the browser cache has not been cleared, then whatever solution you last used could still be there. You can simply click Reset All Code for the challenge and it will reset back to the original seed code for that challenge.

The individual challenges are not part of the certifications. They are totally optional. Only the projects count for the certifications. As long as you are not copying code from the demo and/or someone else’s project and you pass all the user stories for each project, you can obtain the certifications.

Those 5 JavaScript problems are part of the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certificate. Those are considered projects (as I mentioned above). If you copied and pasted those, you would be in violation of the academic honesty policy and could have your certificate revoked.

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Thank you, that helps a lot!

And I don’t know is it my machine, but no code seems to ever be saved in the cache.

On Codecademy it saved everything but here it’s gone the moment I submit. I’m on chrome BTW.

Maybe you have your cache settings to not store more than a certain period of time. As far as Codecademy, maybe they actually save the solution on the backend and repopulate when the page loads. Free Code Camp used to do that when there were fewer users. It is just not feasible to do that now days.

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I literally copy and paste my code to a document - often a Google Doc so I can get to it wherever, but sometimes just a doc – (or upload it to my site), and sometimes I can even remember where I put it :wink:

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