Is creating a free website the best way to handle this?

Hi everyone. I’m creating groups for people with multiple disabilities on different platforms. So far I have groups on Facebook, Discord, and a mailing list. I want to create a page of some kind showing a description for the group, where groups are available, platform descriptions, group rules, information on applying to be an admin of a group, and ways to contact me. I’m on a fixed income, so I need a free option. Is a free website of some kind a good option for me, or are there other ways I can make this page? If a free website is my best option, where would you recommend creating it? I’ve tried Wix and FreeWebs, but they wanted me to choose a theme and had very visual interfaces,making it hard to navigate them as a blind person. I’m willing to write my own HTML and use some kind of free web hosting service if that’s an option.

  • Github can host github pages it’s not the fastest but it’s free. It’s a little strange the way you set up a repo to host the site but there are complete instructions.

  • Glitch can do a site instead of an app. You can upload html there. I saw links to instructions on the faq page.

  • Netlify you can load html there or push from github.

  • I’m not sure about Glitch but github and netlify are front-end only meaning you have to host your images somewhere online. Github will store any text so maybe if you base 64 encode images they could go there. No database but you could connect through APIs.

  • has a free level you can paste your html there. No server-side scripting but I think you can store some files there.