Is divison done before mulitpactoin or not?

Guys, isn’t multiplication done before division in JS? Because I was testing around with this code 10 / 2 * 10;, which the output will equal 50, so I decided to break it down to find out if multiplication is done before division and will the output be the same? First I multiplied 2 * 10; and I got 20, then I divided by the other 10, like this 10 / 20, and I got .5 , or 2, if it’s done the other way around, but none of them equal to 50, as it suppose to be. So then I decided to test with dividing first. So here is our code again 10 / 2 * 10;, so I first did 10 / 2;, which got me 5, then I multiplied it 5 * 10;, and got 50, the same output as typing the whole thing in. So unless I’m making a mistake here, division goes before multiplication not the other way around, right?


Mathematically, I believe you are looking at this incorrectly when you try to do the multiplication first.

10/2*10 is the same as 10*10/2. But performing the 2*10 first changes your initial statement to 10/(2*10).

Multiplication and Division have the same precedence in JavaScritpt. When left associative operators (most operators) have the same precedence they are executed left to right.

Take a look a the “Table” that lists precedence here:

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So the multiplication is done first, but I just didn’t break it down correctly?

So you’re saying both multiplication and division have the same priority, so multiplication = division, and it just depends where on the line they are?

Yup, unless you use a higher precedence operator like () to change this.


This page tells the precedence of the symobls

Yeah, that’s an abridged list. The full list is at the MDN link I provided.