Is Everyone coming up with their own set of quotes?

I’m always a fan of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), but are there like databases of quotes for us to use? Or are we building these too? I’ve been able to do a lot of the front-end of laying out theHTML and quote placement, but about to drop into JS and trying to figure out where to start.

Thanks for the help if you can point me to some,or let me know what you did!
-Turk P

I use the Stands4 quotes API. Another free option is QuotesOnDesign.. Hardcoding your own quotes in an array or JSON file is certainly an option, too, but there’s no set a quotes for everyone to use, as far as I know.

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Bypassing the cross server and the https was quite a challenge until I found

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I found this list of quotes was a good start:

A fellow camper made this, and it is great. It presents no CORS issues, so it’s great for beginners:

Thanks for these links. I will check out . It seems simple enough to use.