Is facebook mandatory to join camp?

I don’t use facebook, because I feel its unproductive but to join study groups I need to log in to fb, is there any other way?

Facebook is not mandatory for fcc, however local study groups use there own requirements. So it just depends on the study group.

If I stay connected through gitter do I need to join study group?
Please recommend me few study group that doesn’t need fb :slight_smile:

Facebook is just a tool you can use to be unproductive, but the actual choice between being productive or not is in your hands. There will be no issues if you have an account there but ignore all the social media nonsense and just get into some groups relevant for you. I just checked and the last time I posted something on my account was in 2015, but I still use Messenger daily and check some useful groups often.

I created a fb account under a fake name. this way i

  • wont have to watch my friends kids in swimming pools all day long and
  • dont need to read / remember all the crap people post on facebook
  • can connect for study reasons / FCC
  • only need to log in 1 time in 2-3 days and it only takes 1-2 minutes.

works for me.

I did the same now, opened a fb ac with fake name finally!