Is FCC front end cert enough for an intern job?

so recently i signed up for some intern jobs and i really confuse is fcc front end cert is enough for an intern job or not? even tho they say they just need to know if i’m good enough to learn again by putting me to “learn” again.

If the question is whether you should stop improving, then the answer is no.
If the question is whether applications make sense, then it depends on each case.

maybe i didn’t make it clear. i mean is fcc front end cert is really get me an intern job or not? i mean do they look at it to know what can i do or something.

No, it’s not a guarantee — if I wasn’t clear.

People usually look at what what you’ve done more than certs, yes they can help but having a lot of experience is usually prefered.

thanks guys :slight_smile: i guess i just keep learning

Look at it this way…the certificate is for you, you completed the course…its a personal achievement.

The knowledge you gained while earning the certificate is for your employers, they don’t care about paper, they care about what you know…that is the professional achievement.

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My personal opinion is that unless you are very lucky and in an area where companies are desperate to fill jobs, the front end certification alone is not enough to make a student job-ready.

damn man i didn’t think it through.

I would suggest you learn some more advanced topics after the cert, maybe learn react, get serious on algorithms and data structures, learn some SQL and at least the basics of node, many jobs look for people that at least have some knowledge on this, the cert alone hardly represents what you know (like a BS degree (: ).