Is fCC useful for developing int the direction of Systems Engineering

Hello All,

I have a mechanical background (Bsc Mechanical Engineering). Since i’m working i have struggles finding my place in the work i (have to )do. Since a few years i’m try to understand more about the field of Systems Engineering. I did the Introduction to Systems Engineering course on Coursera and the Fundamentals of Systems Engineering course from the MIT OCW.
I noticed that Systems Engineering is much more common within software development than in the physical world. I want to know if it makes sense to start a programmings track for reaching my SE goal?
If the answer is yes, what track would fit best?

After reading over the course material for the courses you provided, it seems that Systems Engineering has relevancy in programming. I suspect the backend and APIs curriculum would have the most relevancy at this stage because of the interaction between different backend services, like APIs, data stores, auth services, etc.

I’m not sure how beneficial the fCC curriculum is for a SE career. Are there suggested projects from the Coursera or MIT courses that you could complete first?

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