Is Free Code Camp Enough To Become A successful Developer?


I think that most of becoming someone through free tool like FCC is up to You. FCC’s function here is to teach to learn. Dig into theory, master it through projects challenges, and sooner or later You’ll become a Web Developing Ninja! :wink:


I like that you think of it as becoming a ninja! thats awesome! also, i agree with you entirely!

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Whether it’s enough or not, I think you get better deal than in some online booting camps which charge you several thousand dollars.


Ah, I agree with what you wrote. I just got to the point where I realized that I did challenges to quickly. So now I want to get through all of them once again :slight_smile: with much more focus this time :slight_smile:

I think that all your advices hit the mark on! Good job! :slight_smile:

this is true!Also, Behind the scenes, free code camp has a lot of passionate contributors from all over the world! Its sometimes hard to get that kind of quality through paid sites.

:slight_smile: :sunny: great! so so glad you like it! thanks for the feedback my friend!

Overall I agree with the article, however I’ll add one caveat on the topic of:

Slow down, take your time and simply practice.

I agree that spending a few minutes after finishing a challenge can be helpful, however I believe there is an upper limit where stopping to practice moves from being helpful to actually hindering your learning. A lot of people (myself included) can get bogged down in the mindset of “I don’t feel like I really understand this yet, so I shouldn’t move forward”. But sometimes, moving forward is exactly what you need because the next challenge uses what you just learned and builds upon it in a different way that might make it click a little more easily.

So I’d just add to this:

Slow down, take your time, and practice, but don’t dwell.


EXCELLENT point. I completely agree! Thanks for sharing because I hadn’t looked at it that way before!

Thanks for this! I needed to read something that was both practical and encouraging.

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You are welcome, my friend! Thank you for commenting and don’t give up! @snknights