Is freeCodeCamp going to make you job-market prepared?

Today, I saw A forum post by @litnomad, here’s what it said: "
I just got laid off and now wondering if it is possible to make a transition if I do freecodecamp?".
Not all, But some people think that once you finish freeCodeCamp, you will be ready to get hired. But I’m gonna be brutally honest, No It will not.
You 99% of the time if not all the time will NOT get a job once you finish the freeCodeCamp curriculum.
:clap: on the freeCodeCamp page it says something along the lines of “40,000 obtained jobs because of fcc” well something like that.
That’s nice but, Was it only FCC or was it FCC and OTHER resources.
Yes it was other resources, Because I noticed that FCC doesn’t really go in depth like other resources, It’s for people who wanna get their feet wet.
Here are some other resources if you really wanna succeed as a full-stack dev: Udemy, Codecademy, and theodinproject (really great).

If you look at #career posts, we’re pretty clear that you will need to use other resources. fCC gives you a baseline framework you can build upon to get job ready.