Is freecodecamp still under contruction

Even though I used the way of clearing freecodecamp’s site data, I still appear to be signed out. The signup button has a hyper referance of “”.
If it is done, please tell me a way to fix the signin glitch, if not, then notify me. I’ll wait.

There are some bugs that are still being worked, but the issues with logging in have been resolved.

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Hmmm… it didn’t work with me even though I cleared the site data. do you know how to fix that?

What didn’t work?

I still appear to be signed out even after I used @raisedadead 's method.

What happens when you sign in?

I am still signed in right now, but at the homepage, there is a button that says “Sign in and get started (It’s free)”

That’s just what the landing page looks like. If you click it, it will say “Welcome back, .” and show you links to your portfolio and settings as well as the curriculum map.

Yeah. That’s what it does. So it’s still under construction now?

I think that’s just the expected behavior.

Okay. Thanks for your help and sorry for bothering you.

You’re right though :wink: “Sign in and get started” isn’t what you’re doing. I guess, though, that … once you’ve done it a few times you remember “just click sign in as if you weren’t.”

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I think that there are some really great observations made here - in the spirit of how open source software works I would very highly recommend the following strategy:

  1. Click the /learn link in the far right and continue learning until you are comfortable with the next step
  2. Familiarize yourself with Github and best practices and read through FCC guidelines
  3. Submit a PR with an updated version that you think makes more sense! (note: this does not guarantee it will be accepted, it just provides the owner of the codebase to incorporate the changes)

What a great community to be a part of that not only allows, but encourages you to empower yourself to do this type of thing!


The landing page has not been finalized, which is why you still see the Sign In button on the landing page even if you are logged in. The core team is working on finalizing the landing page and will push to production when it is ready.

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Yes, sir. That’s what I’m doing, but I was talking about something else.
by the way, welcome to our community.

Hey, if we’re allowed to do things “in process,” … it works; that’s what matters!