Is freecodecamp teaching every detail?

hello I wanna know if I can learn every detail about web development on this website I dont wanna leave gaps comment your honest review thanks!

No source of information is always complete. You have to gather knowledge from multiple sources.

But FreeCodeCamp has more than enough knowledge to land you at your first developer job.


Hi erikdaniel650,

I also had the same queries when I joined freecodecamp and now I have completed the Full Stack developer certification.

To speak honestly, it doesn’t and it can’t but it does cover many important things. So, you won’t regret going through FCC course but you do need to gather information form multiple sources.


the documentation usually cover everything of a language, a course can’t, languages update pretty often, a course can’t stay up to date to all that, but can teach you the basics so that you know enough to manage by yourself.

something like or MDN Web Docs will have to become your best friend

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Not only does it not teach every detail, different sources sometimes teach different ways of doing the same thing. Try to learn from many sources.

Here is one of my favorites:

@erikdaniel650 FreeCodeCamp will not give you every single detail about all of the languages but no source will. FreeCodeCamp will give you the details to know the basics and then it is then up to you to make your own projects and grow as a programmer!