Is Glitch constantly freezing for anyone else?

As soon as I try to start a new project, the site freezes. Is this happening to anyone else?

what site do you use for making a project?

Nope, I just created a new project, no freezing.

Glitch. I’m trying to do the final node js exercise. Every time I click the link to open the broiler plate project, Glitch says “Arg, something went wrong” and then I can’t do anything on Glitch. It’s completely frozen. When I try to start a completely new project on my own, it also freezes and I can’t do anything. It was working fine earlier today. I don’t know if maybe it’s something wrong on their end for certain regions.

Hmm… Maybe it’s specific to my region. Or maybe there’s some kind of limit to how many projects you have on Glitch.