Is google use angular in its websites? is it worth it to learn?

as we all know angular is developed by google but google it self use it in mail,drive and etc. ? and is it worth to learn anglar now or learn react instead of it?

Does google use Angular? Yes. I don’t know if they use it on everything, but they developed it so I would expect them to use it a lot.

and is it worth to learn anglar now or learn react instead of it?

Yes. 100%. But as you allude to, there are alternatives. Angular and React (and Vue) solve similar problems. They are both very popular.

Which is better? Which should you learn? Well, I’m a little biased because I am a React developer. I like how React “thinks”, I like that I have a lot of flexibility to what I add or not. I also think React has more of a following and future. It also have the advantage that FCC teaches it.

That being said, Angular is a strong package with a lot of love and support and with a lot of job prospects. I think (in my humble and biased opinion) that React is a better choice, but by no means is Angular a “bad” choice. I think that Vue is a bit of a bad choice - it seems like a fine package with a lot of fanatical followers, but I just don’t see a lot of job prospects for it.

But this is all just my opinion. I’d recommend doing some research. If you google “angular vs react” you will find many discussion online.


Angular is not used for their “core products”, as Angular isn’t optimized for those products. Most “user-side” applications that are core to Google use as lightweight of frameworks as possible, most of these pages have a few libraries dedicated to most of the app. (An example would be jsaction)

The reasoning for this is Google wants to have these pages as optimized as possible for the widest range of devices as possible.

Angular is still used for a large number of internal applications. I believe last I checked the number was over 1000 different Angular apps. There are some end-user-facing apps Google has created, but they usually fall into the bucket of “highly dynamic” and “specific user-base” requirements.

Some examples I can think of are Google Cloud Platform’s console, Firebase Console and their shopping list app.

All of which are web-apps that don’t benefit from SEO, are extremely dynamic and are aimed at a specific group of user’s who should be able to run these web-apps.

I’d highly recommend looking at the jobs in your area. Angular usually has less jobs than React because Angular isn’t as generic as React, in that Angular is designed to support building applications using web technologies, where-as React is used to build User Interfaces.

This doesn’t mean you should just 100% jump into React, as because React is “more generic” there are more jobs, but also more competition for those jobs. There’s also geographical differences between what kind of frameworks are used as often, so there isn’t really a 1 size fits all answer.

There is also 1 very safe answer which is learn both at a similar level, however that will take much more time and effort.


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