Is it an efficient step?

I started preparing for a front-end web development career. Now I have finished JavaScript certification, with intermediate knowledge about HTML and CSS from the responsive web design curriculum and I’m still on. My question is, Is it an efficient step to start solving the free coding exercises in the coding interview prep section?

There are more than 500 topics, so I was thinking about starting to solve them one by one from now on.

If you mean, “grab a few algorithm challenges here and there to keep sharp while I continue learning other stuff”, sure, then that’s a great idea.

If you mean “I’m just going to focus on these until I get them all”, then that would be a bad idea.

Algorithms are important but they are not the only thing or (for most jobs) the most important thing. There is a lot more stuff to learn, important stuff, that is not algorithms.


Got you , thanks alot :heart:

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