Is it bad or good to create portfolio with bootstrap?

I’m on the portfolio challenge. Is it bad to use bootstrap to built the portfolio page? Is it a bad practice to use the framework to do the work? Or should I use media queries for the responsive?

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Use whichever you feel comfortable with!

You should definitely get to grips designing responsive sites without Bootstrap at some point but I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now.

I actually find it easier to use “Vanilla” CSS for relatively simple sites like the portfolio or tribute page, but a lot of people prefer Bootstrap.

I started out using Bootstrap and found it extremely easy to use as well, and i made my Portfolio here using the same. It gave me a lot of confidence, but as i kept moving forward making more projects i became quite curious about the underlying implementation, and wanted to know more about CSS in general, that’s when i switched to vanilla CSS, and only used bootstrap for occasional modals or styling a few buttons. You will get there too eventually just keep on going. :thumbsup:

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I’ve been using plane css so far but now I’m curious about Bootstrap :wink:

It’s fine to do it how you want. Vanilla. Great. Bootstrap. great. Not doing anything at all while the world and your grandma pass you by, not so great!


Thanks, for so much great feedback.

I have been wondering the same in the last days.
My guess is that it depends on your focus. If you really want to dip into programming asap, there is nothing wrong with using bootstrap as a shortcut.

But of course, this is a web development course, so really I understand we should be confortable with plain html/css.

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That is a very good looking portfolio!!!


Bootstrap is a very popular framework that is used by millions of developers. It will not hurt your site, it will only improve it.


Much like the whole debate about whether using jQuery or not, I would say that if you are starting out learning web development, Bootstrap is the way the go.

In time, as you are more comfortable using HTML/CSS, you might come across web-responsive topics such as media queries and flexbox. By then, you would not only have the option to rely on bootstrap , but you can choose not if you want to.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I am planning to make a new one as soon as i am done with the last two front end projects.

I have never used Bootstrap for any of my projects - I always saw it as cheating and still do.

That said I do know how to use it, and my previous employer insisted on me using it for the purpose of time-saving.

Know it - but only use it when you don’t need it, if that makes sense!

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