Is it bad to go thru FCC so fast

I’m pretty new to FCC, and Ive been going thru HTML and CSS in the web design pretty fast. If I want to be a programmer as my end goal am I going too fast? Will I retain the material if I continue like this


Hi csch, the curriculum gets harder over time. The projects are quite different (much harder) than the exercises.

The following is personal opinion, and preferences may vary from person to person: I would say when you go through the material the first time, go as fast as you can without overwhelming yourself. When you can’t remember something later on, don’t get discouraged, just revisit the exercises, or look things up as needed.

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Thanks! Im new to coding so I was getting worried that the work was taking so fast… It is pretty simple so I was getting nervous:)

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Hi there @csch,

The goal of FCC is to help you learn programming. How fast you move, in my opinion depends on your learning speed. I wouldn’t advise you to move fast just for the sake of completing the FCC curriculum. If you breeze through the curriculum without understanding the fundamentals, you will surely regret at the end.

I highly recommend you focus more on learning than trying to complete the curriculum. Try to understand as much as possible as you work through the tutorials and the projects.

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