Is it beneficial to attend 2 camps at the same time?

Hey everyone! Just wanting to get some advice for the minor concern I have.

Earlier last year I enrolled in a bootcamp but did not finish it. But as of start of the year, I have been mostly utilizing freecodecamp resources and am really impressed! Especially since they offer free certifications in different areas of tech.

So my question is, should I just fully commit to one organization’s curriculum? Or is it okay to complete the work from two camps at the same time?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Doing two camps at the same time is not a good idea in my mind. I have been apart of a bootcamp and they are insanely fast paced. Most camps that I have seen or have seen people ask about in the past are 12 weeks long. That is not a lot of time to learn, practice, and nail down the material they are teaching. Think about it, lets say you learn JavaScript, react, html, css, and maybe a backend language in this boot camp. There is no way that they are going to cover everything about these topics in the 12 weeks. Meaning, they are going to take the most important topics/most in demand skills and run through them. Its up to you to be able to keep up, and actually learn at the same time. Now, if you tried to do two of those at the same time? There’s no way that is going to work out. Your best bet if you really want to do a bootcamp is research both organizations, compare what you will be learning between the two and pick the best one that suits your needs

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I think that maybe you can follow two topics (not curriculums) at the same time. Most languages are pretty similar so you don’t have any problem if you are learning 80% frontend and 20% Java or python. You can say “ey, this is a similar to that thing i’ve seen in the other language”. But following two or more courses will let you in a situation in which you’ll have to change context and projects even enviromnents several times in a day and is easy that just for locate in which you was working will take you a lot of time.

So I suggest that follow one curriculum but if you want to learn something that is not in the curriculum let a time window in your day for tutorials about the thing.

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