Is it common to use a cheat sheet?

New to the coding world. So some of my questions might sound elementary.

Is it common to use a html/css cheat sheet? Of course when you’re writing code for a project?

Yeah, it’s normal don’t worry haha, I’ve been coding for over a year and I use them still, there is too much for you to remember realistically, also Google is your best friend, no matter how experienced someone is they still have to search for things so y’know. But you will come to remember a good portion of things that you’ll use


Absolutely. All the time. Don’t try to learn stuff by heart. Just understand how to use it. Then when you need it, look it up. The ones that you use very often, you’ll remember naturally. The ones you don’t use often will take much longer to remember but eventually will stick. You learn by doing.


Yes, always use cheat sheets or keep references bookmarked. Why memorize something that you can lookup? Less error prone too perhaps. :+1:

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Totally! Even better, use an editor or plugin that supports autocompletion or snippets, which (much like Google) will start suggesting ways to finish the thing you started typing, often providing placeholders for necessary attributes or parameters that you can then just fill in.

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Cheat sheets are wonderful things, and anyone who doesn’t use them is either really very experienced (and probably should therefore be challenging themselves a bit more) or a fool! If you already know everything and don’t need a little help once in a while, you’re just not doing it boldly enough, in my view.


Thanks for all the replies. It’s good to know there’s people willing to help a rookie out. I’m excited to see what this journey has in store for me.

Absolutely! The only thing that changes as you’re more experienced is the contents of the cheat sheets! Development teams have entire shared cheat books in the for of Wikis, shared documents and saved email chains.

Great question and thanks for asking !!