Is it considered bad practice/lazy to use Bootstrap?

You said “something else” then posted a link that calls it CSS Grid layout.
So…not “something else”. I’m confused

Ignore my “something else”… I cant remember what I was thinking.

Gotcha. I just wanted to make sure we are talking about the right thing as I’ve never heard of a grid method in HTML. Semantics, clarity and proper naming of things are concepts I hold dear.

In fact it is “CSS(3) Grid Layout”.

Having experience with the different frameworks is important, regardless whether you use them for your own designs, to be able to maintain a client’s site that depends on one of those frameworks.

On the topic of whether it’s a bad practice or lazy, for me it comes down to turnover time on a project, so if you can use an existing library which improves your delivery time frame benefits both you and your clients. It is however important to have the knowledge and skills to overcome the limitations of a framework/library.

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