Is it goof to use <!div> first when we know it might change?

It feels easier for me to write my blocks of content in “<!div><!/div>” sections and after when the basis of these sections is done, replace the <!div> tags by <!section> <!article> <#fieldset>, etc. whatever is really more appropriate.

Is that a bad habit I am developing? It just feels I have to think less about these structures first and I can concentrate better on the first draft of my HTML vision.

I guess with time, I will know more instinctively that I am creating an <!article> section. It is just that for now, the drafting flow is better when I define all sections like a <!div>

Generally you will/should have mock up before you start coding a page. Which, in turn should be laid out with what type of content each block is.

So I would say yes, you are forming a very bad habit. One that not only could cost you time and money but also could cause you headache if any <div> tags were forgotten.

Again, this is only my opinion and as the saying goes… “different strokes for different folks!”

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