Is it important to remember the codes of understanding of wat the codes do is enough..?

i am using a certain editor, so it has auto completion mode when i start type it gives me the complete altenatives. so is it good to use even though i cant remember the syntax?

I think as you’re learning its okay…as you go along, you’ll learn when something doesn’t look right and from looking at it all the time through practice, you’ll learn the syntax.

That being said, don’t think of that as a free pass to not get a handle on understanding syntax. Practice whiteboarding, because in interviews, you will not get to use an IDE. I was burned on that in a recent interview, I was able to do a lot of the more complicated things that I had studied, but my mind went completely blank at the most simple basic thing. It really tripped me up and shook my confidence.

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At the beginning it is always difficult to remember so many things, eventually (if you practice a lot) you will begin to remember them all. You are going for the good way